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Telecommunication Engineer

1996-1998 : ENST / Telecom Paris Telecom Paris (ENST), ranked number one French Telecommunication School. 6 months of studies. Eurecom Institute Eurecom Institute, Sophia Antipolis, to get an emphasis on Corporate Communications. 1 year of studies, 6 months dedicated to a training period.
1994-1996 : Ecole Polytechnique Ecole Polytechnique, ranked number one French Engineering School. 2 years of studies.
1993-1994 : ENSAM. French Naval Academy. Four months of study (plus the military service). Became a French Navy Officer.
1990-1993 : ENSAM ENSAM (Higher National College of Engineering Arts). 3 years of studies. Graduated with honors.
1988-1990 : Lycee des Eucalyptus Lycee des Eucalyptus, Nice. Preparatory classes for engineering schools (Maths, Physics and Technology).
1988 : Lycee des Eucalyptus Lycee des Eucalyptus, Nice. French Baccalaureate (Maths, Science) with honors.

English : Fluent (TOEFL: 630)
German : Good level
French : Mother tongue
Italian : Beginner
Russian : Good level

Feb. 2008 - Now : Amadeus Web site Amadeus, Sophia Antipolis (France). In charge of the Management Science department, in charge of Revenue Management (theory and practice), Data Mining and Statistics, and of the design, development, delivery and support of a Travel Market Simulator (LATUS: Leisure And Travel Usage Simulator) in partnership with Dr. Peter Belobaba at MIT. The Travel Market Simulator has been integrated in the Amadeus Airline IT product portfolio, both as a product and as a basis for consultancy services.
Jan. 2007 - Jan. 2008 : Amadeus Web site Amadeus, Sophia Antipolis (France). In charge of two departments within the new Operations Research (OR) and Innovation division: looked for (internal) customers, staffed and set-up the projects (from scratch), built the teams and supported the development adn deliveries. The Management Science department is described above, while the Optimisation department is in charge of all the Operations Research subjects in the airline industry arena (for instance, passenger seating, re-accommodation of passengers, airline planning, dynamic scheduling, disruption management, etc.).
Jan. 2005 - Dec. 2006
(1 year)
: Amadeus Web site Amadeus, Sophia Antipolis (France). In charge of a new project, consisting in providing our customer airlines with a Revenue Management System (RMS) and with Business Intelligence (BI) and Decision Support System (DSS): wrote the business case, contributed to the feasibility and the functional specifications, as well as to the high-level design, set-up the development environment and framework, and implemented a few pieces of algorithm.
Oct. 2000 - Dec. 2004
(4 years)
: Amadeus Web site Amadeus, Sophia Antipolis (France). Worked on the Altea Inventory (a.k.a New Generation Inventory / NGI) project: wrote the product specifications, implemented the corresponding algorithms, and supported the production phase. Specifically involved in the availability calculation and revenue management part, and played an essential role in the design of the architecture, as well as for the development and integration of those components.
Sep. 1998 - Sep. 2000
(2 years)
: Atos Origin Sema Group Telecom (now AtosOrigin, and just previously SchlumbergerSema), Sophia Antipolis (France). Built (i.e., was involved in pre-sales, specifications, development, integration and maintenance) electronic commerce sites using the BroadVision's One-To-One platform. Among the Internet sites that have gone live: TravelVision (a AirMiles/British Airways project), Cortal Consors (BNP/Paribas online bank), Zebank (now Egg), SanPaolo (one of the greatest banks in Italy), Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM) (the first mobile company in Italy), Belgacom Business (Belgacom is the first belgium telecom operator). Most of the projects were based in Europe (Belgium, Switzerland, U.K., Ireland, Italy, Spain, etc.).
Designed and implemented a generic adapter to legacy systems, based on Transaction Description Files written in XML, allowing front-end developers to manipulate high-level, while simple, structures. This tool reduces greatly development times devoted to legacy systems integration. Part of it has been developed as an open source project.
Jan. - Aug. 1998
(8 months)
: Atos Origin Sema Group Telecom (now AtosOrigin, and just previously SchlumbergerSema), Sophia Antipolis (France). Designed and implemented an architecture to evaluate how to use transactional Java/Corba objects to access databases and legacy applications. Conducted a beta test of the Borland/Inprise's (formerly Visigenic) VisiBroker ITS product (implementation of the Corba Transaction Service).
Apr.-Jul. 1996
(4 months)
: Purdue University Computer Science Department, Purdue University, Indiana (U.S.A). Developed data compression algorithms based on Pattern Matching. Wrote a paper accepted by IEEE.
Summer 1995
(3 months)
: Packard Bell Zenith Data Systems (now Packard Bell, previously Bull Group), Chicago, Illinois (U.S.A). Wrote a white paper on "Security Issues and Status & Electronic Commerce on the Internet".
Jan. - Sept. 1994
(9 months)
: French Navy Aviso Detroyat, French Navy. Military service as watch-master on board an "aviso" (100 people): when on watch, responsible for the war ship security, navigation and maneuvering. Five months mission in Persian Gulf and Red Sea. NATO operations.
Summers 1992 & 1993
(2 x 3 months)
: CERN CERN, Geneva (Switzerland). Research Assistant: Studied and analyzed several devices to prepare their use in a new experiment. Wrote and published results reports in English. Worked with a Russian research group. Often used English and computers.
Summers 1990 & 1991
(2 x 2 months)
: Schneider Group Telemecanique (Schneider Group), Nice (France). Planning and Production Department: Drafted final control directives to be used by workers. Improved a production flux (time studies, relationship with workers...). Organized the mounting of a safety system.
Summer 1989
(2 months)
: Cagnes sur Mer, France Local Council, Cagnes sur Mer (40,000 inhabitants), France. System Operator: Maintained functioning of operating systems. Assisted workers in maintaining an efficient computer system environment.

Languages : C/C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP, XML, HTML, Pascal, Prolog, ML, O2C, Fortran, Assembler, Basic
Operating systems : Unix, Linux, Dos & Windows, VM/CMS, VMS, MacOs
Softwares : Rational Rose (UML), Orbix/OrbixWeb (Iona), VisiBroker (Borland/Inprise), One-To-One (BroadVision), Netscape Enterprise Server, Oracle Database Systems, Open Source Softwares

1999 - 2004 : Member of Linux Azur.
1995 & 1996 : Teacher for students in difficulty.
1993 : Organized a seminar aimed at letting companies present an expansion project before engineering students from four European Universities.
1991 & 1992 : In charge of the Relations with Industry Department of the ENSAM Students Association. In charge of the local telecommunications network service.