The Memory of the Nothingness
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- You also, Mike, returned me an excellent duty. I put you a well deserved A.

Mike exulted inside. For the very first time since the beginning of year, his work bore its fruits and he saw himself finally rewarded for all of the efforts he had had to supply. Naturally, he had had to sacrifice some baseball games with his companions, but now he did not regret anything any longer; on the contrary even, the playful abstinence conferred him a feeling of superiority.

The classroom was of a rather sober style and contained about twenty desks for its student usage. Some plants, here and there, decorated the whole room with their charming spread flowers. True is it that spring cheered up in the same manner all the natural spaces that this town still contained. An unaware enjoyment struck of its seal all the citizens who had suffered, this year, from the harshness of winter. That imports now, the world of colours had redone surface and it was very pleasant to linger in front of pavilions raising magnificent bouquets for the greatest happiness of the families which lived(lay) there. So, when Mike had greeted affectionately Sarah, her girlfriend, having given him(her) a meeting for evening, and that he lives to float the flag in fifty white stars in a light breeze, it felt proud of its country and of its brilliance because it could, from now on, him also contribute to its blooming by the work and the intellectual effort. The impatience to see parental reaction to the announcement of the novelty of its school success hastened him the step towards the house.

Sudden, it(he) was thrown(planned) forward and almost even lost knowledge by falling. After some moments, it(he) resumed the spirits and lives to go away a young man on a skateboard at top speed with the bag. The time raising itself on the legs, Mike was able to only to perceive the audacious swindler turning already to another street: it seemed impossible to catch up him(it).

Mike remained stunned by that had just occurred and the speed with which it had been led(driven). But who so could he indeed have interest to so steal the bag of a student? Furthermore, as beautiful days brought their prize of heat, Mike had offloaded his jacket and had ordered him(it) in his bag: one had also stolen him(her) the identity cards that she contained. By falling, the head had struck violently the ground and, now everything was finished, it sat down and was allowed invade by an intoxication that had been able to prevent(warn) its strain until then. At the end of some minutes, it(he) recovered the spirits, with however the feeling to have made a long journey, far, very far, in a very strange part of the country.

How was he going to be able to explain the scene to his relatives(parents)? And curiously, nobody had been able to be a witness of the flight(theft). Not same James, best sound companion, who had to compete for a tennis match with Larry, but that accompanied him(it) to to him usually because they lived in both nearby pavilions. With a feeling of frustration and impotence, Mike took the road of the return, shocked all the same that one still can, nowadays, attack(affect) a teenager to spirit away him(her) its school business(cases).

- Today my bag, tomorrow maybe my life, it(he) by quivering with it.

As for many American houses, a freshly cropped lawn lined his. The relatives(parents) seemed to have arrived already at both and, by entering the salon, he heard a bath pouring: doubtless his(her) father wanted to relax after his(its,her) workday. Mike passed in the kitchen to use a part of chocolate cake that had made his(her) mother in the intention. By chewing the narrow-minded first, it(he) found the peace and was even amused in the thought to have to return a composition on the subject of the existence for the next week: " Is it(he) necessary for a consciousness to exist? ". Why was it necessary(was necessary) always that the people ask questions which they can answer never? Why rack itself in vain spirit, rather than to appreciate life such as it appears at us, with its enjoyments and his(its,her) punishments, his(its,her) love and its hatred, and all its palette of colours and of nuances which are so expensive to us? Mike sketched a smile by thinking of it and took the kitchen knife for resservir a part of cake, certainly very good.

It is at this moment that entered its mother who had so spoiled him(it). It(he) was going finally to be able to tell him(her) all that it(he) had arrived at him(her) in the day. But it seemed frightened and, without even greeting him(it), grew a roaring which froze him(her) the blood. What did it(he) arrive at him(her)? " Who are you? ", and after moment, " What do you want? ". But why devil his(her) mother she(it) behaved so?

Mike felt ill-at-ease and a few(little) idiot with his(her) kitchen knife in the hand. " What there is, mom? Do not put youself in similar states! ". Instead of calming down, this frightened woman(wife) called her husband Jack to her help but does not run away. The father of Mike came down(fell) quickly in the kitchen, alerted(notified) by the numerous shouts of terror. He had hardly had the time getting dressed but grasped all the same the magnificent hunting gun that his son had offered to him(her) for his anniversary.

- Rests(poses) this knife, my boy, and do not make stupidities, shouted Jack by threatening its son of its weapon.

Mike wondered why he had so for a long time kept(guarded) the knife for the hand and got rid of it immediately.

- Well then! I can not take a knife to cut itself a slice(edge) of cake?!?

- Go! Go there, or I call the coppers!

- But dad! But mom! Finally, say to me what happens, finally!

- We have no son(threads) and we have there had even never. I do not know what you come to make here, but that is sure, it is that you are going to leave, and more fast than that!

- But you are completely lashed!

And, in front of the determination and the threats of the man that he would believe his father, Mike chooses the road of the pension and runs away by the garage, without knowing really why. It(he) had then sudden the idea to climb in paternel Buick, started up the engine and went out scraping tires on the road. His(her) father was not there able to to prevent him(it) and did not dare to fire, because nevertheless he was not nasty. He called all the same the police to indicate the flight(theft) of his car and intervention to him of a young man armed with a knife.

Mike did not understand(include) what could indeed arrive at him(her). Was it(he) deceived of house? No, impossible. He can not have there in the city of the other couples looking like so much his relatives(parents). And besides, his(her) father names well Jack. Why, then, would relatives(parents) go hunting their son, while pretending not to recognize him(it)? Mike had then an idea which quivered him(it,her). It(he) stopped(arrested) abruptly the car on the edge of the road and put scrutinizing fervently in the rear-view mirror the face that it(he) saw there mirroring. No doubt, this charming fair head with the green eyes so pale and in lines so fine(so fine) belonged well to him(her). It was reassured to live in the body that it had always known, but at the same time taken aback in the thought that its own relatives(parents) did not recognize him(it) any more. What had it(he) been able to cross(spend) so that persons who had raised(brought up) a son whom they liked, hunt(chase away) him(it) suddenly with a rifle, as if it had been about a swindler? A sort of fear, fear, penetrated in the depths of into him(it) his being and him enclosed intestines.

Panic however decided him(her) to go to find its friend Sarah, who would console her and could maybe, to her, to him supply a rational explanation on what it had just lived. It(he) would go to cross(spend) night to her(it) and maybe reason it would have returned at its relative's(parent's) meanwhile. Yes, everything would go very fast into the order: there is always an explanation in everything. It(he) parked the car, not without some apprehension, in front of the Sarah's magnificent apartment. It rang but nobody answered. The impatience renewed him(her) its attempt, but it was not of use to anything: there was certainly nobody. " It is necessary always that people are absent as one needs them! ", he thought of a sad tone.

The children of the neighbours played however on the lawn of close.

- Do you know where is crossed(spent) Sarah? Or at least his(her) relatives(parents)?

- Yes, threw(launched) the small girl, me I know!

She(it) was pushed aside(knocked down) by the one that had to be its brother, who wanted absolutely to speak and to show that he was a holder of the answer looked by the young man.

- Keep silent Karol! It is me that say it! Eh ben Sarah, she(it) left in Europe last week. And worse, she(it) took my nounours and she(it) me him(her,it) not produced. When she(it) will return, my mom is going to give him(her) a beating...

- When she(it) will return?

- Next week.

Mike not in vineyard the ears, and could not believe there. These children had to make a mistake and tell anything, just to make interesting. It(he) rang then at the neighbour's, who were able to only to confirm the truth taken out of the mouth of their children. And this truth became merciless and oppressive for Mike. How it could it be done that it left Sarah hardly one hour previously to see again(revise) her(it) same evening, and that it left in the other end of the Atlantic Ocean for soon a week complete? It was incomprehensible. To believe that Mike was in another world where, in spite of the resemblance of appearances, rules(rulers) would have changed. The old films of the series " fourth dimension " smiled him(it,her) more at the moment. Fear squeezed(tightened) him(her) the even stronger womb, although it(he) was irritated by the attitude of all these people and by the incomprehension with which it(he) was surrounded. It(he) was impatient. In this dark world, it was impatient to find somebody which recognizes him(it), is of use to him(her) of interpreter and can reassure him(it). He had not died nevertheless, because he(she) was seen and that it could discuss with the persons that it met.

Lastly hope, he tried all the same to call his relatives(parents). Maybe had they made him(her) a farce and were they going to welcome him(it) again, arms big opened? It was at least the only thing(matter) to hope.

- Imbecile! What do you want? Why did you steal us our car? We have had never a child and it is not you that is going to prove us the opposite.

His(her) husband took him(her) the receiver of hands from the moment he lives " his swindler " to show itself again.

- If you are lying about(dawdle) here again, and that the police is not there to confine you before, I pull(fire) you a gunshot, and I shall not miss you, I promise you to him(it,her)!

Mike, as often in a difficult situation, knew unconsciously that it(he) was going to sink more. It(he) knew that ideal is dangerous by the height of the fall that it eventually always pulled(entailed). It(he) does not there stay less than he was taken aback by the reaction of his relatives(parents), who persisted in treating(handling) him(it) as the last one of the bandits.

Because it(he) had no more relatives(parents), he was going to return at his great relative's(parent's) living in Milwaukee, in the State of Wisconsin. It(he) made so road for the North, towards the only refuge that it(he) could again hope for. And if it(he) was not recognized, even over there... It(he) preferred not to think of it now. And then, anyway, that make of another one?

It(he) arrived at the border of the State at nightfall. Revolving lights far off called back to him(her) that it(he) had no more the papers... It(he) slows down in the police roadblock and the sheriff of the county kindly requested him(it,her) to go out of the car. Even before it understood(included) how it had been able to occur, it met itself with handcuffs in wrists, enfiché in a vehicle of police, navigating at top speed towards the next city, Rockford remembered.

- But good blood! Of what am I accused exactly?

- Of flight(theft) of car qualified with intervention in a private property.

- But but this car is that of my father and private property in question, it is at home! You listen? To me! To me!

- Oh ahahahahah! Say so, it is funny p tit, made the officer of police by addressing his team member. Then turning around towards Mike: That's right my boy. And me I am a family doctor! But I look after special patients really very special! Ahahahahahah!

Mike does not live to reserve of other treatment that to be locked in the prison of the county. He(she,it) was interrogated but was not able to to know the real identity, because the one whom(that) it(he) gave did not appear on any of the files of all the United States. The police concludes from it that he was a mythomaniac or that he lied for god still knows which reason.

Mike's cell was lugubrious. But, of some side, it calmed him(it) to soak in an atmosphere corresponding to its feelings. It(he) had the impression(printing) that so, it(he) did not any more need himself(itself) to be gloomy, because other elements took care of it for him. It(he) could not believe always in what fell him(her) on the head. Him, a swindler of car, capable of assaulting people to them! Him, a bandit! While some hours only previously he left the school by savoring beforehand announce him(it) to his relatives(parents) of his success at school. No, it seemed certainly impossible.

He was interrupted in the class(course) of his thoughts by Stevenson, who was on guard this evening, and that brought him(her) a warm meal. Mike accepted gladly this intervention and took the tray(plateau) with happiness. The cell contained only a bed in scrap and did not give an opening on the outside, also Mike appreciated to break this solitude which began to weigh him(her) since he had left the school in the afternoon. Mike crossed the glance of his(her) gaoler who, in spite of a gained(won) insensitivity during years of loyal services, was not able to to check a feeling pity, even even of sympathy, towards the young man. Mike noticed it and felt refreshed to see that it was not alone on this planet and that others understood(included) him(it) maybe finally. All this had arrived so suddenly. He would have liked being able to discuss it with somebody, pass off of all that he had on the heart and to share his fear. So, Stevenson's sympathy, so brief it was, showed well to him(her) that he was not mad: if one felt sorry for him, it is that somewhere, it was not responsible for what arrived at him(her), it was innocent, faced something which wanted its loss; and it somebody understood(included) him(it) finally.

Mike wanted to shout to call back Stevenson who had just left the detail(room), but his(her) mouth did not open, he had no force of it, without knowing really why. It(he) stayed prostré there, not succeed any more in moving, as if the own will joined forces also against him by stopping a fight beforehand lost. This sympathetic face, it had had to dream him(it) and deform him(it) by its own imagination, by hoping still to find a branch to which cling. So it was better not to be allowed abuse by false hopes and at once to face the reality. Maybe it(he) tried(felt) also a sort of chastity, or of pride, not to confide in a man whom it(he) did not know. It(he) did not feel the need, after all, of a support on which rest itself. It(he) would there take out well every only one, without the help(assistant) of person. Especially since one can trust only one; who knows if the one that loves you today will not hate you tomorrow? And then, it was not its problem to him, Stevenson; it(he) doubtless had other more personal problems to administer without taking charge again of those of the others. No, it was decided, Mike would not open the mouth to call back the only one to be that could again understand(include) him(it).

In the next day, losrque Stevenson arrived at the prison, there was a new.

- Sheriff, this kid seem really sympathetic. Something says to me that it is even innocent of all that it is accused.

- Bah! Anyway, it does not make anything. The pledge this morning has been just paid him(her). You can loosen him(it).

- OK boss!

Mike was some minutes outside later. His(her) relatives(parents) had so played him(her) the comedy. It(he) was going austerely to reprimand them. Their joke should have stopped(arrested) in the doors of the prison. Why had they made? What had been well able to set them? " And Sarah! ", did he think, was she(it) in the blow, also? She(it) would see from this evening of which wood it(he) warms!

And, as to confirm the suspicions, he perceived his mother next to Buick. It seemed to wait for him(it) but did not however seem happy to see again(revise) him(it). One could even read on its face a sort of fear which, thought Mike, prevented him(it) from throwing(casting) itself into the arms of its unique(only) child.

- Hello mom! I am satisfied that you stopped your play-acting, dad and you. It became painful in the end. And the prison, why? It is you that paid the pledge? And at first...

Mike could not check his(her) remonstrance towards his(her) mother who, finally, interrupted him(it):

- Listen, young man! You should stop(arrest) harassing us. I do not know what you want, or what you expect from us by telling everywhere that you are our son. I did not certainly pay your pledge and if it held only to me, you would return to it, and for for a long time, still! We have no child, you listen? We have no child, is it rather clear as?

Mike almost to faint. He had really believed that everything had finished with the arrival of its mother, or rather of owner of Buick... It(he) had finally been able to go out of the very dark tunnel into which it(he) had penetrated the day before. And here is that everything tipped over again. The marshy grounds of the nothingness appeared once more to gobble up him(it) quite complete. But all this past that it had in the head, it had not invented him(it), nevertheless!

Mike brought back(reported) then to his(her) mother some details of his(her) private life that, he thought, only a son could know. And she recognized well in the way to defend(forbid) Hemingway or the first-rate charlotte in pineapple with her friends. She had met well, furthermore, her husband in New York twenty years previously, in circumstances described by Mike. All that he told was so struck of the seal of the truth, even though his(her) mother did not know where from he could hold these details.

She was all the same taken aback by the exactness of the comments of her interlocutor. It even frightened him(her), as a person can know the sinuous road of its life with so much preciseness. How had it(he) been able to teach? It(he) was well informed for a simple swindler! No, it had to be a madman or a fanatic(maniac) who, by resentment of the gloom of the own life, invented there purely and only another one. And what of more effective than to copy to counter in the limits of the imagination? Yes, this boy had to be a mythomaniac, certainly. And the fear that he aroused at his mother's was only partially compensated with a sort of pride that it had to see itself chosen, among so many others, to serve of model... Yes, it felt flattering, somewhere.

Mike lives his(her) father to advance(move) rashly on the car to join his(her) woman(wife). It(he) had had to go to settle(adjust) some administrative formalities and to sign some receipts to be able to resume the Buick. So it was furious of seeing free Mike, him who the day before had penetrated to him into a kitchen knife in the hand. How could one leave free of such potential murderers?

- Me madmen the camp from here! If you dare repointer your nose to us, I accommodate you a ball in the head. I am very clear? Then, to his(her) woman(wife), as if Mike could not listen:

Go come loved, one goes there , the district is disreputable, here!

Mike was not able to to begin(affect) other movements that to follow eyes his(her) relatives(parents) rise in car. In the glance of his(her) mother, it(he) perceived of the incomprehension, but also and especially, it seemed to him(her), the expression of this maternal love that no son on earth(ground) can forget after the resources once noticed.

And effectively, his(her) mother, "so invented" is, took herself in the game of her "son": this child would have effectively been able to be his, the one whom(that) she(it) had always wanted to have.

- Poor boy, she says to her husband. He had to lose his relatives(parents) and he is now completely unbalanced, in search of a new identity. It(he) must be very unfortunate. How was it(he) able to know, on my tastes and my life? It is really strange: he could be our son, and it even makes me as if it had been it in one of my previous lives.

- Ola oh! Do not tell stupidities. Because, in the meantime, it disordered pricked our bagnole and for a reason that I ignore, it took information on us. It will be necessary to distrust. You know, there is that of it play you a serenade and that should near be made anything so that you take them in pity and that you offload some weight in your purse... A same loony our son? You joke!

Then, after a long silence and a suffocated(suppressed) snigger:

- And me, in a previous life, I walked(worked) on the moon!

Stayed on the pavement, Mike looked the car going away without saying a word. His(its,her) last hope had just flown away under the eyes and it(he) had so no more resource, no more past to which cling. The memory had so betrayed him(it) and its thoughts flirted with the nothingness now.

No, it was impossible, this imbroglio was to be able to disentangle(solve) itself, it had to have there an exit in this labyrinth. It was not conceivable that this couple which had just left him(it) is not its relatives(parents): his(her) mother had well recognized the elements of her own private life. And this maternal glance it does not deceive!

Fear squeezed(tightened) however Mike's throat(breast) as it(he) anticipated that the past that it had in memory could have been invented, of a way or of another one, and to replace all that it had really lived: nothing allowed more to prove that it had really lived the past of its memory. And which difference it would make for him if it had not lived him(it) effectively and that it him(her,it) had invented? Nobody, at least for the own memory(report). But all the problem came from others... It doesn't much matter after all that Mike does not keep(preserve) in memory the class(course) of his(her) "real" life, if the others is granted(tuned) on him. But Here we are, the circle of acquaintances had not lived, in spite of common recollections, same events. And especially, Mike did not exist in the consciousness of the others: it(he) belonged to the nothingness now.

This idea had already levelled him(it) during the reading of 1984, of George Orwell, whom Sarah had recommended to him(her). Although any more nothing was sure at the moment: if it(he) had never known Sarah, had it(he) really read this book?

It doesn't much matter, the memory called back to him(her) that it is possible to model a collective past in the image that power wants indeed to confer on him(her), on the condition of following a politics(policy) of destruction and forgery of documents and from proofs of lived actual, to name so lived invented. But that such skid of past invented in a past effectively lived can arrive at him(her), frightened him(it). The designer of his(its,her) past had maybe supplied him(her) the reading of 1984 to suggest him(her) the key of his adversity.

But maybe it(he) made a mistake and that all played him(her) a gigantic comedy. Yes, that's it! Sarah would give him(her) to forget all the inconveniences that it had just undergone, and would refresh him(it), would admit him(her) everything. His(her) relatives(parents) were going to have to look for him(it) and would return him(it) at home. It(he) had neglected them lately and they had had to plot this scenario so that it(he) becomes aware of him(her,it) ô how invaluable value of the parental love, this sap of irreplaceable life.

Anyway, it(he) had not yet tested everything. It(he) still possessed the resource to visit his grandparents, inhabitant le Wisconsin, as it(he) had wanted to make him(it) with Buick initially, before the policemen there prevent him(it). " But conveniently, that so paid the pledge? " Wondered Mike without obtaining from answer before resigning to hitchhike, in spite of federal suspensions. The question remained unresolved, as that moreover of the truthfulness of the elements of its memory. But it doesn't much matter. It had a new objective now and, as it is often case when situation becomes a desperate person, hope was reborn in him. It trusted its future, for lack of his(its,her) past, maybe simply by instinct of self-preservation, because it became its only last hope.

A couple of pensioners texans, who went to the great lakes, took him(it) aboard their domestic break. Some hours in powerful driving V8 were needed only to cross(go through) distance separating him(it) from Milwaukee. Mike did not want to speak and did not consider his(her) situation favorable to some dialogue that it was. Who would have understood(included) him(it), anyway? And then the couple forgave easily Mike for its lack of oral expression when it noticed that the poor young man collapsed under the weight of the fatigue and that he had not had to sleep for a very long time. Night had fallen maintaining, and, beyond the windscreen, windscreen wiper swept(annihilated) the horizon darkened by a fresh and light(cool and light) rain. The traffic made rare and the atmosphere convenient to the rest. Mike felt better among these unknowns who had accepted him(it) unconditional, that with his(her) relatives(parents) or his(her) friends for whom it was necessary that it still proves its existence. In this cockpit, protected outside, it(he) did not more have to prove anything; it was there, it is everything. It(he) fell asleep profoundly, as in the depths of the soft childhood.

Etait - it of the fault to him if it existed, if a mother had put him(it) in the world? Etait - it of the fault if it lived still ? Why did it(he) have to prove that it(he) existed or that he was Mike and not another one? Child, one is intrinsically innocent. But Mike saw himself accused of something that he had not committed, or rather of that he was not responsible, because he was made in a sense for him(her) the lawsuit of his life.

Arrival to Milwaukee made in the early hours. Mike give evidence in front of the house of his(her) grandparents. It(he) felt serene and journey in this atmosphere of peace, rest and innocence had reassured him(it). It(he) got ready now to beat against the whole world if it(he) was necessary him(it). The experience(experiment) of the previous two days had produced to him(her), in front of world, this humility that it should have adopted. It(he) did not have either straight ahead or to owe; it(he) existed, here is everything.

Struck that to the door of this modest white house, which contained however a floor. A young lady answered him(her) that her grandmother had succumbed some days following a cardiac stop(ruling) previously and that her grandfather haunted the aisles of an institution for some months now. It seemed sorry but was not much more explicit. Mike noted the address of the hospital and decided to go(bow) to it.

It stole in a bus which a little took him(it) away from the city. The hospital had to be this harmonious block of white concrete, perched in the countryside, that he perceived now. He had no evil to obtain the license to visit his grandfather. This last one sold most of his(its,her) time in a small room(chamber), having other accessories only a bed, a wall cupboard and a washbasin. The old man looked like well the idea that was done his grandson of it: a big, thin man with the white hairs, a little emptied over the forehead(front), the eyes overalls surmounting a face in lines(features) marked by the age.

However, Mike was not able to to pull(fire) his(her) grandfather of his(her) dejection and to tear away(extract) him(her) the least sensible dialogue. He had in front of him a man who had lost any reason, and that spoke this afternoon about a peach(fishing) to the bears in New York, this afternoon of a revolutionary process to steal books(pounds)... The only one to be that would have been able to save Mike of the madness himself(itself) was completely mad!

- And why would not I become a madman? Thought Mike. Yes! As it, I would have no more problems and any more nobody would ask me or would blame for me whatever it is. I would any more not have to fight with my reason or my memory; it would be enough only to leave time to pass by, to live in the present without thinking in the future, or even in this past which is vague me.

But to give way to the madness was not easy thing(matter). Maybe some pride prevented the reason to leave its vessel. Mike felt although nothing was finished, although on the contrary even everything was going to begin. Now it(he) did not know in the world any more anything, or more anybody susceptible to help him(it) or to supply him(her) the key of the labyrinth of the existence, a new life, purified, announced in front of him. Even though the role limited itself to the one of the actor in the unreal nightmare whom(that) is maybe life, it was resolved to act.

He kissed(embraced) his grandfather on the forehead(front) and, as he turned to the door to take the road of the exit, three muscular male nurses penetrated the room(chamber) and jumped above to him(her). Before it(he) was not able to understand(include) what it was a question, a straitjacket was threaded him(her) and made him(her) an injection at the level of the shoulder. He had only the time hearing(understanding) the joyful laughter of his grandfather before fainting at instigation of the strong heat which had suddenly invaded him(it).

Mike woke up in a bed, in the middle of a small room(chamber) every white. A male nurse, as well as a doctor, sat in the head.

- I am not mad. I am a guest. I came to see my grandfather. I did not make anything to you.

And, seeing that one did not answer him(her):

- Why am I here? I want to see a lawyer!

This last retort provoked general laughter.

- But everybody joins forces against me!

And Mike began to get excited.

- Calm down, we are going to occupy us of you. Be patient...

When the doctor went out, he brought down his verdict: " Paranoia, doubled of an identity crisis. We are going still to keep(guard) him(it) here a little while... Check, it is necessary that I take charge still of a president of the United States and of the chief resuscitated of a pope... "

- Good courage, lives to answer.

Mike remained alone in the room(chamber) till night. A male nurse came to make him(her) his evening sting. She(it) more hurt him(her) than the first. But sleep came at once to the meeting to save him(it) from its returning gloom.

In the early hours, it(he) was lying without life in the bed. Autopsy confirmed that it was about the break of an anévrisme.