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3.3.16 How do I find someone else's public key?

Suppose you want to find Bob's public key. There are several possible ways. You could call him up and ask him to send you his public key via e-mail; you could request it via e-mail as well. Certifying authorities may provide directory services; if Bob works for company Z, look in the directory kept by Z's certifying authority. Directories must be secure against unauthorized tampering, so that users can be confident that a public key listed in the directory actually belongs to the person listed. Otherwise, you might send private encrypted information to the wrong person.

Eventually, full-fledged directories will arise, serving as online white or yellow pages. If they are compliant with CCITT X.509 standards, the directories will contain certificates as well as public keys; the presence of certificates will lower the directories' security needs.

Denis Arnaud